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  What do we mean by consumer items for liquidation?
 Clothing                                                 Household Goods
Gloves                                                                          Houseware
   Coats                                                                           Bath Accessories
   Jeans                                                                           House Paint
   Suites                                                                           Clocks
   Shirts                                                                            Brooms
   Socks                                                                           Towels
   Jackets                                                                         Bed Spreads, Sheets
   Pants                                                                            Kitchenware
   Slacks                                                                           Soaps
   Pajamas                                                                       Cabinets
   Shoes                                                                           Rugs
   Blouses                                                                        Cosmetics
   Outerwear                                                                    Cookware
   Work Clothes                                                                Furniture
   Underwear                                                                    Ceiling Fans
   Scarves                                                                        Wallpaper
   Sunglasses                                                                   Lamps
   T-shirts                                                                         Gifts
Electronics                                                                    Comforters
   Typewriters                                                                   Hardware
   Videos                                                                           Drug Store Sundries
   T.V.'s                                                                             Linens
   Camcorders                                                                  Hair Accessories
   Fax Machines                                                               Gift Wrappers / Gift Items
   Telephones                                                                   Garbage Bags
   Computors                                                                    Plastic Bags
   Batteries                                                                        Dust Mops
   Calculators                                                                    Carpeting
   Cameras                                                                       Dishes
   Stereo Equipment                                                         Plumbing Supplies
   Accessories                                                                  Cleaning Supplies
   Watches                                                                       Sporting Equipment / Supplies
   Printers                                                                         Camping Gear / Accessories
   Radios                                                                          Exersice Equipment
                                                                                         Hand Tools
                                                                                         Music Supplies
                                                                                         Office Supplies
                                                                                         Leather Goods

    And so much more . . . you get the idea.

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